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In the 1940s, the Chronomat signaled a new era for Breitling chronographs.

Origins of the Chronomat: the first chronograph with an integrated slide rule

The Chronomat was the first chronograph by Breitling to be fitted with a circular slide rule. Produced in 1941, it was an immediate hit. As well as displaying the time, it became a useful object for various professions, such as soldiers, engineers, etc. Its technological innovation means users can perform ballistic and telemetric calculations, calculations of speed and averages, calculations of taxes, exchange rates, and so on. Models produced today have moved away from the original design, opting for a more understated style. After a break in production following the arrival of quartz models, the Breitling Chronomat was relaunched in the 1980s. However, the Chronomat has now abandoned its slide rule, adopted by Breitling's Navitimer model in the early 1960s.

Technical features: a watchmaking innovation in 1941

The original Chronomat showcased, for the first time, a circular slide rule triggered by a moving bezel located around the case. As a Chronograph, the Chronomat also incorporated the traditional functions of a chronometer with its Venus 176 14-line caliber. The model was revived and developed in the 1980s without the legendary slide rule, but with various performances and functionalities, designed for extreme use. The Chronomat has since made its mark through its diameter and weight. Precious metals, gold, rubies, etc., usually used by Breitling, all feature here.

Several models with different functions

The first Chronomat model (which targeted the aviation sector in particular) no longer exists, but its potential has been exploited by the Navitimer model. Today, the Chronomat targets professionals who need a powerful, robust and reliable tool. The Chronomat 41 takes its name from its 41 mm diameter. It has an automatic chronograph motor and an 01 caliber. The Chronomat 44 features an imposing diameter of 44 mm and offers great strength and water resistance to 500 meters deep. The Chronomat GMT is specially designed for travelers, particularly with its dual time zone system. The 13 caliber Chronomat has a high resistance to shocks, but also to excessive pressure, up to 300 meters. The Chronomat Blackbird is a special series whose design was particularly detailed and comes in three different colors.

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